Total supplier within the machining industry offering 100% precision of both items and delivery.

Keep track of your own production

Login directly into the NFI’s OKS-system (Operations Control Specification) and track your order through the production process and check the results of our ongoing testing and control of the items.


Medical device production


NFI is constantly working on the development of equipment and processes in order to meet the customers requirement on delivery of "pick & place" standards for items with specific surface characteristics and purity requirements.

Through an innovative process NFI now provides components to the plasma surgery.


NFI has extensive experience in complex machining with ultrafine finish. This now includes custom designed cleansing equipment to ensure clinically cleaned items plus handling and packaging in cleanrooms.

The NFI know-how has earned us the status of being system supplier of dental autoclaves.


NFI adapts to the individual customers’ needs and has the ability to find alternative solutions in order to meet the requirements. Our customer relations are based on knowledge and understanding of the client’s business, and we are always prepared to think outside the box.

NFI designs specific solutions for optimized handling.

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