Total supplier within the machining industry offering 100% precision of both items and delivery.

Keep track of your own production

Login directly into the NFI’s OKS-system (Operations Control Specification) and track your order through the production process and check the results of our ongoing testing and control of the items.



System supplier

As a system supplier we are able to offer e.g. finish, final assembly and packaging of items, with ultimate consistency control of each individual item. We plan and perform functional testing and prepare the products for further distribution to clients. We are always available for a dialogue regarding your individual tasks and requirements. 

On-time delivery...

Through strict production management and control we are always able to guarantee delivery within the agreed deadlines.

Keep track of your production

Click on SCM-login to enter the NFI production system directly and see the status of your order in the production process. Furthermore you can see the results of our continuous measurements and monitoring.

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